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Weird family roots- Steiglitz

Cross Pollination?
Our family roots are entwined. So romantic...

Our family roots are definitely mostly in  Victoria, Austalia, since the turn of the twentieth century.

My dear wife was born in Swan Hill, Victoria.
Me, south of Melbourne, 338 km from there.

My Mum, born Caulfield, Melbourne.
Her mum Mary, Albert Park, Melb.
Her dad Des, Sydney, NSW
Mary's father Edward, Carlton, Melb; her mum Cath, South Melb. Cath's parents both Melbourne born.

Judd Clan without18 grankids- 2004
Edward's parents- Thomas  McHutchison b1856 and his wife Catherine Stapleton, b1854, were both born in Steiglitz , between Geelong and Ballarat, Victoria.
Right in the middle of the Great Victorian Gold Rush of the mid-Eighteenth century. Roots from there, Paisly Scotland and Isle of Man. And a convict down another branch at the time too.

My dear old dad, born small town 25 km northwest of Swan Hill, 1937.
His dad Adrian, Leongatha, Vic, 1913, (BTW, around when my house and it's piano were built).
His mum Glad, Fitzroy, Melb.
Adrian's dad- Cape Otway as far as Adrian's records show and Christmas Hills for his mother,
Glad's folks Heidleberg for her mum; her dad, no idea at this time.
Hmmm. Cape Otway is only about 100 km from Steiglitz. Branches back further include County Cork- Ireland, Ormiston and Mid Lotthian ,Scotland, and as far back as 1673- Inverness, where Andrew Young  and Janet Roy lived aboots, and their son John Young was born.

My mums maternal Uncle Albert- lived, worked and raised four kids in Murrumbeena, Melbourne.

My mother-in-law Bev, born 1938, Sea Lake, 57 km from my dad's birthplace and 66 km from Swan Hill.
Her mum 'Elsie', born Steiglitz 1908, between Geelong and Ballarat. I was told she Moved north because of the wet and cold in Geelong, where she worked, caused her distress and ill health.
Her husband Frank, born Bendigo, 1910. Tarn and I met there at College, 1980. And we moved back there years later for a little while. Son#2 was born there too

My father-in-law, born 1933, Balranald, NSW, also lived in Marrumbeena, Melbourne, at his dad's mothers house,  as a child before WW2. I think.
His parents, Victorian born or NSW. No data. Better fix that! His dad was a POW, died on one of the ill fated railways.
And my gel#1 is named after her grandfathers greatgrandmother! But where gel#2's name comes from?

The weird cross over points are entwined in both of our family roots. Tarnia's and mine. 

 Steiglitz, Swan Hill, Bendigo and Murrumbeena  

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