Friday, August 19, 2011

Refabricated Tales

Inordinate amount of truthfulness
...or not? And a two door too

Looks like I can continue my view of family history without any interruptions from participants of the peanut gallery, without recriminations from angry protestants, and those with more/less catholic tastes so to speak!

I think. Well, so far.

I mean, no comments or rabid phone calls or angry messages from any relatives must mean that what I know is my own, something no one knows about, or they are saying- "He's Dreaming" or "Whatever".

Onwards Macbeth... hole digging continued...

I have not been able to find Monaro pictures of my dad's dad's car. Which was of a bronze metallic colour with black double go-fast stripes from front bumper to back.Coo's Monaro - 1st generation.

I have one or two pictures of  my mum's dad's old Monaro  [2nd generation two door].
He bought it after selling the purple XU1 Torana he had for a little while, after his second wife Tweet died in the early 70's. Was it type a or b? I am not too sure of the story, but I think, being a horse trainer, he should have been able to control the horsepower under the bonnet! Buutt... Maybe it was too small and too fast compared to the Humber he used to have [I cannot remember which type!]. Or, he wanted a bigger two door fast car? Maybe bigger is safer, cos they were both pretty fast for the times, getting up towards 150mph for production cars. Well. Again, I say that as it runs in my mind as the Ozzie Super cars of the Seventies were produced by the local GM, Chrysler [Charger]and Ford (GTHO Phase III  XA XB) factories as alternatives to imported 'Slower Cars' from the same manufacturers. The Ford two door Xa and XB were my favourite until I saw the Datsun 260Z... By legislation I remember, they were limited to less than 150mph... And look up as well as Leyland's P76. Dad's bro had one of those- the boot was Sooooo big, a 44 gallon [Ozzie gallon!] could be put in it!

'The Yella Terra'
After Poppy Des passed on they gave me his yella track suit, the one thing that would sorta go with a bogan bright coloured..... fast car..... My uncle got the yella Monara' in the end, my mum and aunt really would not look as cool as he does with it.

In any case, Unca Dez has a beautiful old car. It is not allowed out of the hidey hole unless it is a dustless very sunny day!

As my cousin Tania is into GM HSV vehicles, I don't think I will be inheriting this fine machine, she will.


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