Sunday, August 14, 2011


So sad again tonight

Another green stucked frac

Another birthday party out of town outing for Gel#1b for her BF at a rollerskating rink.

There was a warning, tongue in cheek on the invite obviously, "no accident trips to ER" !!

But... Guess what. First one to fall and Schnick... Just not a lot of pain. Then. But...

Another greenstick fractured right wing chickidee!

Gel#1b was very brave until hometime! 

Tears and moans, and after 45 minutes... painkiller? 

Nah- car trip...

Tell Son#2 to get dinner for himself and sister, chicken and mashed spud, carrots, whatever, I  will be back. Later.

Book into emergency about 6:15pm with Gel#1b. 

Watch the rest of the news.

See the nurse- tears on my shoulder.

Looked at briefly- oh, only one of six with fractures this evening...

Waiting waiting waiting

Some neurofen shoved in, 'doctor not far away'.

Xray- see a bump above the wrist- positively bent, but not obviously broken. Thank you very much.

So. Only 3 hours in ER, and for just a half a cast...

Home to find, Son#2 had made them some mash and some carrot for dinner...

Slow cooked chicken breast been sitting in front of him....

What? You only said mash!

ARGHHARHGH ()%(*(*()_*%#$++   !!!!

BTW he wants a new mattress-  one now on laybuy- & he wants some jeans- ordering from the states for birfdee

Save me from tomorrow

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