Friday, August 19, 2011

Another one

Shared Birthday

Spent a night chaperoning at my eldest son's birthday last month.  A joint 19th celebration with his good friend "Anna" and a crowd of old BF and "blow-ins" from the last year and the new year's new friends.

Not bad as far as not being "allowed" to be "too happy", watching all these new adults gadding about in costumes and Not {Costumes- ie, in  plain old this is wot Oi Am so jus FO ya bstds!"}- [guess who's progeny was in the latter camp...]

Managed to extract almost nil information as to his friends real plans- who the hell wants to talk to some one's dad anyway.

Slow sips of the home-made par excellence Shiraz anyway....

The Charge-De-Affaire- "J"- shared a cigarette or two with me (ah, ta ver mooch J) near the backyard fire and [I hope] complimented on the HM wine. There was , among other, a not quite stilted short conversation on the lines of 'Yep. To be young again' as we watched the slightly inebriated  happy souls go about the evening.

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