Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Coffee and Oats

New Recipe for Coffee and Oats

Drink and breakfast

Here is a new way to prepare brekky and a cuppa.
Or for the rest of the world- breakfast and a beverage.

I love coffee, and time poor means instant coffee, and really, only freeze dried instant coffee, and in my Particular Case- Moccona Classic or Indulgence.

Rolled oars to make hot porridge can be prepared differently, that is, cold turkey time...

Plain raw rolled oats, milk, sugar AND a LITTLE SPRINKLE of instant or ground coffee on top;
Alternatively, make the porridge properly... with a sprinkle of coffee on top;
Or put a few grains on your favourite cereal instead!
Like on 'Oat Flakes'. 

Cuppa coffee- add a few grains of rolled oars! LESS than a quarter teaspoon! Much Less!
Gives the coffee a really nice taste.

I have not tried it with tea yet- but I imagine it just would not work out as good.

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