Monday, July 18, 2011

Is that all? Did not hurt at all!

It took 2 weeks to sort out a limp...
The limp was from a walkathon done at school for the school...

The tip TAP tip Tap down the hall before breakfast said it all.
It does hurt Daddy!
Well, I thought a sprain should have gone by then too.
Thinking back on my friend's girl- well, I better do something, she walked around with a broken bone in the foot for six months, must be a sore point with her Mum now...

Doc said, X-ray! A call I ignored may have saved another day of pain, a ultrasound scan confirmed the x-ray diagnosis- a splinter fracture in the fibula- ow.

Another few weeks walking around in the moonboot instead of a half cast, and the pediatrician* says
"Well whaddya done there!?"
Well, a short story unrolled.
"Hmm, still sore- blood test and another x-ray and maybe a special scan" [Where they inject you with a dye and trace it through  affected muscle and tissues...]

Well, there was a deadly silence from the subject.

Uh ha.

Straight to the blood test people, and the x-ray guys also on the way, we can do it all before dinner!
Yay me I thought. ALL in one hour!

Getting out of the car- "What's wrong?"
"Don wan the needle"
"Ya wanna git better?"
"Well, come along"
Tears welling up, I tried to console her, that it was nothing really, a small quick pain, and then it was all done, quick as a a cat up a tree after a sparrow, or something like that.


We were the only clients at near closing time, so off we all went, the subject, her twin and me.

Sitting in the big chair, sort of snivelling, not consoled by either me or the nurse. Not convinced at all! Start of the teen age years, just great and I am torturing her.

I gripped her wrist as the needle went in, tears rolling everywhere...


"Oh, is that it?"

You can just see her sister and me rolling our eyes up. [inserted later- wish we ghad the video cam THEN!]

*Twins 12 month check up: verdict- out of premenarchy and into the ---- teenage years- just great. Bras, blah blah, and Oh yeah, the next x-ray confirmed a greenstck fracture fer sure, so moon boot on for another month or two... and no special scan required, whew.

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