Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A change over

But who does the Change?
And then. When it's done... what is missed.

Son#1 left the Hoose [temporarily] in February to stay in The Big Smoke for tertiary studies, sharing a place with some other noisy YAs.

He was supposed to sort out what he wanted to keep here for when he came back home and to sort the junk out so that Son#2 could have his room... He was going to use the Piano Room on his return home, not as big as his old room, but as he sleeps all day and parties elsewhere all night- only needs a sofa bed...

Like I said, a few months ago...
When he was here the other week, it was "Yep- okay, clean it, nah wurriez- fer sher..!".
Yes, something was done, the rubbish cleaned out I suppose, beer cans etc etc.

Son#2 wants that room out there sooo baaaadd you can see him champing at the bit!

So from this morning to dinner time tonight between shifts, the room was finally tidied enough for #2 to help finesse it. IE Dyson and broom it, bang the shit out of the rugs, ya know. His mates are staying over- being holidays,- and they helped out- which was good- but I missed the one on one thing with him. Later on. Does he still want the queen size bed or his ol- "YEAH man!", "Oh, righty oh then..."

As I am catching this up later, the room is done and some neanderthal teens are moving into it. With the music rather loud.

And I realised that I missed the skin specialist doctor appointment  at 4 o'clock while cleaning.
Four weeks waiting to see a mole being given a thumbs down or up.
Better things to do and no fucking reminder.
But I did remind myself this morning, last night, last week, and then...
What's that? The loose screw from my neck.
$25 missed fee. Self marvined. Again.
Pondering can I please get the memory pills for Stop Losing it, to Stop and to Remember, to stop the feeling of wanting to cry, in a corner. Bad hair day all round.


  1. Wow, raising for kids on your own. Hats off to you. No wonder you forget a thing or two here and there. I'm famous for that. Thanks for your comment over at Wanderlust. Hang in there. :)

  2. P.S. Thanks for putting Wanderlust up on your sidebar. I'm glad to discover your blog - I've got it up on mine now, too, so I can keep up with it.