Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Chaddy Cooks tour

Like my Irish Cooks Tour
Short but long

When I was pretty young, my mum took me, and my brother as well, to see Santa at the newish Myer store at Chadstone. The getup was up on the roof if memory serves right.  And a sunny day, being Summer Marv.

For the last couple of years, I have avoided the Myer Christmas windows in the Big Smoke and taking the gels shopping anywhere in town or the Big Smoke.

But now...

As the little preteeners are on the verge of more than just a crop top, looks like a few trips [window!!!] shopping in the Big Smoke may be made more often, and today was the first expedition. Regrettably. I had an appointment with a neurologist mid afternoon in town, and thought well I better take the Day Off work to get it over and done with, and the gels could tag along. Well, one was still hopping around with the moonboot on the Broken But Healing Fibula!

So we left home later than I wanted too, the Pod had to come off as it was Really Windy and a Long Way To Go...

I wanted to also visit a hobby shop for me boats along the way, off the the main road and out of the way by an hour. That part of the expedition was: a Fail. We got to Chaddy about when I wanted to though.

Parks at Arlington TX

Chaddy, Oz
Scuse me, but it's a big bloody place, like all malls I guess. Not as big as one I went to in Fort Worth USofA back in '97, The Parks at Arlington, or but still...

We wondered into the Myer store, and thru the perfumery, ah, their Mum would have liked that. Up and down escalators and round and round, Smiggles and Diva and then a quick bite to eat. On the run. [I messaged my cousin that I will need a guided tour next visit!] There is bloody everything there, Aldi, coles, Kmart, Target, Woolworths junk and fod store, and at least a Million Small Shoppes...

You can get lost I reckon. There should be a guide service or a map booth at the entrance! Loops and deadends, and heaps of food. Food courts with the all the usual suspects, like Subway, Burger place, Asian outlets, but no time- fast food only!

The point of wandering aboot der joint was to look for end of year ------ dresses.

And it was all like our tours of Eire and Firenze, Cook's Tours.
Been there, done it.
A quick look and flee..!!!

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