Sunday, July 31, 2011

Decorating the Second Gel Child's room

Preparations and Painting 

How long does it take?

I have been expected to make over the eldest gel child's new room by 'remodeling' the wall paint.

I mean, decorating it better than what was left for her.

I do not know whether her mother would have liked the paint colour chosen by gel child #1 (you know I mean the third child, but eldest gel, by a minute or less), but at least it is not purple, black, red or green. In fact, I would have chosen it too, so all's well as far as that goes.

The fact that eleven foot ceilings come into it makes it a bugger to contemplate on my own-some.

And that three walls out of five are actually weird combination of Masonite wood paneling, hessian fabric glued over that, and then some kind of card-paper/plainwallpaper glued on to that! Like a soft feeling painted wall! Which is Not at all like the wall on the other side that is Much Newer, of actual plasterboard, and not like that surface of the chimney making up the fifth wall that has a rough cement surface.

There has been the odd offers of help, or one-on-one time trying to do this decorating, the youngest saying she would help while the other waltzed off to a friends place last weegen! I sent them both off anyway.

Yesterday, there was a smidgen of help in plastering over blemishes in the old walls. Went through more spakfilla than I wanted, but at least they had a go!

Apparently I was supposed to start painting this afternoon, but there was still blemishes to fix, and then a girlfriend called them off to see a movie. Ah well. Presently, the kettle is cooling. Again, bye 4 noo.

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