Saturday, April 16, 2011

spoilt, nah, don fink so

I put some dosh away for rainy days, birthdays, holidays.

Split between the four prodigiously intellectually endowed progeny. #1 is also good with money.

The others are more consumeristically orientated, somewhat like me, unlike their immediate late relative, and other relatives, relatively.

The monies slowly saved and under sufferance [well, not really] have all but been dissipated into the maws of the local businesses that manages oh so well to attract any spare dosh, the bastards, that I have slavishly saved...

This week, it may have been noted that son#2 accosted me for nu shuz. And today, some pants and flanno shirts on spesh. The gels nobbled me at Aldi's for MORE sox.

And catalogs are perused with an intensity of of, of, lost here, of of um, well like really intensely STUDIED for specials this week on iPods!

"Everyone else has 'em!"

True, after I helped out #1 early on this year, I got a surprise. His bonus Touch... handed-up, as it were.

After I made them think about saving a lot of their recently received berfdey munnys straight into a bank account---- the balance was available... Ooooo.

They had so wanted Something for the Easter Gurk trip, why, I don't know. They now have each a nice pink fifty five and half geared semi-downhill cross country road bike that have now been all of three times around the blocks and to poppies too worth of riding since xmas, as well as some other portable fold-up-able digital entertaining units. And games. And digital cameras.

I wrenched the saved munnys from the paws of that bank, and did a quick study of the local apples seed sellers. Bundles or not? Nah, got plenty of that extra stuff rotting away back at the mansion somewhere.

Got back from work, and mentioned that I had their munnys [and some of My money from payday cos if they had to wait to accumulate enuff it would be Well After Easter and so what then?] and would they like to go anywhere?

They would have beaten Flash to the wagon! Oh yeah!

Returning like winning prize fighters to the lounge, they were into the new Touches and downloading Apps like there was no tomorrow. [As there will be no money left after the getting extra food I now have to pour down their maws, there may not be a tomorrow after all.... wasting away tapping tap tap tapping]

And I said to one of them tonight as they were trying to access the internet from their toys in bed* (!), "I would like to replace the roofing tin one day"

Later to myself- like - here,  looks like that will occur after they are all married and moved out.

But two of em are twins, and so far the dowries are at nought... Like, I feel I have to double up for em all the time, cos sharing is sort of too old fashioned... Nah, they can be good like that, be cheaper too but, if I insisted on it all the time.

"Share the food please..."

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