Monday, April 18, 2011

Close shave-ers

Another trivial pursuit of cleanliness.

In more ways than one.

After a shower pondering, I thought I should better clean up my ablution-istic accecessorizing belongings...

After all, with three kidliwinks also sharing the large bathroom, a good example may work!

I have given shaving up. "For Lent", ROFLOL.I am pretty sure that at least two people are throwing their hands up in shock and horror clutching their (female) cheeks and a "oh, it makes you look So Old, get rid of it!" So far, a client or two have been like that as well. What?  I cannot see the problem. My face! Winter is coming along. Even with Global Warming Accelerating as hard as it can, it is still going to be cooler around here for a few more months, so what the hell? The gels are being annoying- "ooh, it's so thick!"

Ruffling through my basket of stuff on the shelf, I found a few odds and sods... a twenty years plus collection of the best and worst blade shavers, IMHO.

My first shave, a twin-blade Gillette Contour is not there, but there a few others. The Mach series is not that great. They may have five blades, but they sure don't last that long for me. The vibrator handle doesn't turn me on at all, it still shaves the same as the triple blade.

The Quattro from Schick does a good job, and the replacement blades are usually cheaper and last longer than the Gillette ones. Go figure? The earlier Schick's were not great, but adequate. A change was as good as a holiday was probably the reasoning behind the defection...

The Wilkinson Sword was a souvenir from Grantham, UK, 2001. It was not that great either.

Now I am using the one from Aldi - an in store no-name brand I suppose. It works really well for a triple blade, and the only thing I reckon would be better for it would be a trimming blade like the Mach and Quattro have.

Another Ponderant was that this is a way of digitizing my memories... for me, later...

S'weird aint't it, all the shite we manage to accrue over the years, and think nothing of it?

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