Sunday, April 3, 2011

In the kitchen with.....

The gels, #3a & #3b, were given an eleventh birthday present on the weekend.

Ten years ago, we made some good friends, J and M, carers that initially were chosen by a committee, Bev, Pops and myself.  These great ladies were assigned to us as house and child carers through a care agency by an insurance claim due to the tragic sudden demise of my late wife Tarn in a road accident in 2000. I never knock the TAC, I just do not like their road advertisements advising us all to take care on the road or else...
Both these ladies became the primary choice for caring for my kids and the grandparent that lived in with me while I tried to continue with my new career working on a really uncertain work schedule with an oil & gas industry service company.

J and M I think really enjoyed such a challenge, twinnies of just 6 months and two primary school aged boys, and being with Bev and Ken too. Caring for these little rapscallions was just a day job that has turned into a great friendship, against the rules.

J texted me to see if we were home over the weekend to drop in. YES DO I replied.

Poor J, she limped over from around the corner- she had had another a knee operation, and was slowly getting about- and well she should, as of last month she is now a nan! At least the recovery should be in time to run after her new grandson when he starts crawling!


Anyway- she came in for a coffee and talk with two bags. In it were a cooking present!

Now the gels are all kitted out, ready to leave a huge bloody mess to make Dada and the rest of us all some bikkies/cookies/mini muffins.


If you could see them back when though.

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