Friday, April 15, 2011

Dishewasher :-(

When the home buying urge was finally satisfied years ago, Tarn set up about setting the house up.

A studious saver and really good miser as previously noted, there was a working on upgrading the kitchen.

Little did I know about dishwashers, but that was an ideal she was reaching for. Her folks had had one installed about when she was a teen I think. Out of all our previous lodgings over the years,  only one had  ever had one.  We were in Aber-budie-deen years ago, and there was one in the apartment, along with the Combined Clothes Washing and Drying Machine In One With A Difficult Door Opening Sequence...

[That is, WAIT for the machine to cool down before ripping the door handle off... That cost two taxi trips to the repair Shop...]

So a well known dishwasher was sought after.

I installed it into its dedicated spot near to the kitchen sink, after removing the shelving that was too deep and too many. Rang the nearest plumber we thought was okay to plumb it all up. We had cleared out the kitchen cupboard below the sink and the guy plumbed it to the kitchen sink cold water supply.

He cleared more stuff below to wipe up some water...

And there was the dedicated water pipe outlets for a dishwasher!

ARGH! Shizenhozer.

Well, I said- would that have been a better plan...?

I wish I had found it earlier, cos what ever he put on the pipe join got into the cold water. Forever! Whether it was a lubricant or sealant, I can always tell the water out of that tap.
No where else is there that "industrial" taste.

Of course I called the fella back, and he said that IF there was anything coming into the water, it would go away soon enough. Ten Years Plus Now, Buddy! No way I would use J-----s again, nor S-----------s after the hot water story.

After shocks. The kettle Has To Be Filled With Water From The Hot Water Tap, otherwise tea or coffee tastes really really shitty to me! And no-one else can tell...

The dishwasher has had some major repairs- a pump, the holder for the top arm, the soap dispenser. For a 800 dollar machine, there was outlays twice for an attending technician at roughly three thousand dollars an hour to look at it before ordering the needed parts and then installing said parts for another smaller fee....

Whatever- who wants to make kids wash dishes? I paid the ransoms.

Last month the kids were complaining that the top tray was broken!
It was going to collapse!
Was I going to get a new washing machine?

The latest ransom was for the rollers for the top tray. There were twelve. Eight in use. Cannot work That out. However, if one plastic roller managed to break/crack, there was a spare.

C828103XKA fortnight ago I ordered some new rollers, 12 would be nice, eight would do, [I would have ordered online but that occurred to me NOW] and the price there was- GUESS? I was actually charged ten bucks less than what the online suppliers charged for little bits of plastic- axles that clip onto the tray, with wheels. Diameter of a large coin!

SIXTY bucks!

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