Monday, April 11, 2011

kids say the dangest fings, don they?

My gel#3a said something the other day, not weird, but funny and I cannot remember it.

That's so annoying.

Anyway, Son#1 is doing fine. According to the latest news, finding his feet okay in the Big Smoke.
Accomplished first assignment anyway, 25 hundred words.... First of Many! Hahaha. Do well lil one, I scraped through with the minimum, but enjoyed it all anyway. And got to see the world, and bring you up.

#2Son is getting to be a financial drag on my deficit. I was collared the other day;
"Pweesz git me sum nu skate shuz at the cool shop? 70% off?!" at the supermarket door...
Och boy, timing!

The weekend: was at the movies as I could not let gel#3b watch Rio with her friends and not let #3a miss out cos she wasn't having a sleepover with that group. Could I?

So off we went agin, n jus made it. New 3d glasses, cos mine were missing... Och! The movie was okay, but now that I read Updates@10, I would like to see Rango too.

A great start to the holidays in any case. For us, but #3b's friend's mum, T, was sposed to do a run to pick them up from the other mum Sz halfway back from the beach, but the car broke down. Not such a great start to the hols for them, bugger.

Ah- I remember what the weird thing was #3 told me.

A friend had invited her to a youth group Friday evening. Now remember, or not, that I don't go on about the cults too much at home, and encourage the kids to be careful to use their own judgments in all things,  like ask questions especially when you want to confirm an inkling of the answer.

She remarked that there appeared to be some attempts at brainwashing and encouraging people like her to join a group to introduce her into their community. And someone gave her a bible too.

She does not want to go back if it was always like that, even though it was fun and friendly. I replied that was okay, once a month or so instead to be with a friend would be alright, eh?
We'll see. I said the book was okay, and should read it. By the time I got to high school and was into SF I would reread it as a history of civilisation in all its gory and glory, a great long anthology.
[Thanks Erich Anton Paul von Däniken. ]

We are not religious, but it is a part of the world we live in. Society would like a bland well behaved and tithing population to run soothly, and faiths have developed ways for a large amount of people to get on, either tyrannically controlled or commercially co-opted into it. I myself agree with a lot of people that the 10 commandments have a lot of good ideals among the list, mainly the ones on how to get on with each other.

I try to have a well run home, we all have out things to do, and I don't like a rough table. A democratic tyranny? Some one has to be in charge, and as long as they step out clean, well mannered...

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