Saturday, April 30, 2011

relativity- a good weekend

This Easter weekend was FIVE days long here in Oz. Here is another look at the weekend done earlier

Because of the alignment of the moon and the sun, and things we have to celebrate other wise it is not the Western World, and a world war nearly a century ago; a four day weekend was added to, by the Anzac memorial holiday.

Some would say that it was almost a week of bloody awful football. Did my team win, still do not know...







It was sunny, and after work on Thursday I squeezed the 3 remaining homebound school aged children into the wagon and their gear was stashed in an over car pod and a rear slung vehicle- a trailer. Three bikes and food containers then. Beats putting up a bike carrier.

A 370km trip- left home 4:45-  ETA- 8:45. Holiday traffic remained constantly travelling past us, the other way, going in to the city, and leaving it. The passengers were good and mostly quiet. With a 30 min stop in the city; The eldest was met and accosted and presented with a gee-ta amp and sound distortion thingo out side his accommodation, we were not invited in. So much for the group tour of the lodgings- a party was on apparently- wild, weird, what? We pressed on to Gurhk. Arrive 8:55, with that stop too....  I beat that GPS by a mile!

So arrival was met with bro, and aunt and Al.

Friday. Up early to clear my room for the next clan member to use with her family. And they all nearly arrived by noon. Amazink. My dad has two brothers, and two younger sisters. Today, there was his #2 bro and baby sister. His two daughters (one was away). His sisters eldest. His other sisters second girl. Me and my brother. That meant partners for some too! And their progeny- in turn, 2, 2, 0, 3, 3, 3+. Some were missing, kids these days... The numbers were building. One aunt was in the Flinders Ranges. My nephew was giving us a load- parties... My folks to arrive for lunch Sunday. My sister arrived, minus two dogs- until Sunday.

One afternoon. Got to be a pillion for an hour on my brothers boxer BMW bike, wow, want one...

Son #1 trained it to Gee-long by Sat arvo, so as I needed a break from my three books*, collected. back at the Gurhk, my cousin, another cousins hubby and my brother worked their fannies off cookin up a storm of pizzas, while we all sat aroon yakkin and sprayin' comments at the godam cooks. I had volunteered to help out, but the drive interfered with that, so I just sat down and joined in.

Saturday and Sunday and Monday were otherwise quiet for me- A Huge Sunday Roast where my folks joined in along with cousin Tom, and his wife and near-toddler- See the picture above- 34 of us!

Tuesday- UP and at em and out Early! So at 10am we were all starting our engines after a Lightning Clean Up! Except the fridge van battery had fizzled out... This time I had jumper cables, unlike a previous year where No One Had Any! So near to town that a replacement battery was sourced, as there was not enough juice from a 4WD! My bro could not get the bugger to start with the new battery either- or find where to put it. But his little car Did Have Enough Grunt to turn the big van engine over- hmmm? So they got home safe too.

With three kids I dropped into see my baby brother and his family. He had returned from [a fourth place in] the Kart Nationals in Perth early with his eldest boy [the racer], cos Maz was not too good- pneumonia. And his #2 and the baby was also just getting over being sick for the long weekend! Some people have all the luck- good and bad- well done all, they survived in any case. Quick luncheon, check out the new mansion (noice too), and then hit the road home.

Beat the dang GPS just this time!

So had a really really big family time. But there's more to come. The following weekend!

 [*Yes, I have finally broken a habit of reading books only/strictly one at a time, but remembering where I am in one of three books, two magazines and three streams of Non Sequiter is getting difficult...]

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