Friday, October 28, 2011

Still growing...

Show time
Dress ups

Looks like the boys and the gels are catching me up.

I mentioned to the twins in recent times that their mums' handbags are still in the wardrobe.
Like their mother, and elephants, the fact was regurgitated TO/AT me because it looks like the, or a, Point Of No Return has been reached.

"Dad? Dadda? Daddy! Can you get Mummy's old handbags out- so could we use them when we go to the local show/fair ground on the weegen...?"

In the MIDDLE of me cooking up steaks and vegetables for their dinner...

Okay Okay Okay. Not like the house is going to disappear!

The steaks were not rare but not medium or dry either, by the time I got back from the depths of the wardrobe.

There was one bag missing, like a little backpack type, all the rage when I was overseas on a job. Honkers I think, 1999.

I spilled the treasure out and they were both like rabbits or seagulls or cats and food, the prizes Disappeared.

Then they had to [prepare?] dress up, and paraded around with the new [shared!] belongings.

The little fashionistas were getting Ready for their first fairground outing with their friends without me.

I am not sure they want me to tag along or hang around at all! But their friends mum will be there. Haha! Should be no trouble... I will eventually return to the show grounds for the fireworks I said.

So now the little misses are getting kitted out. Even their mums' shoes fit them... However, the shoes were not worn to the showground.


We went for a walk around the show, the art gallery, the rides and showbags stalls and sideshows, and spent a relatively large amount of money on a small pack of hot chips and two cans of coke... I went straight past a small RC helicopter and leather-belt salesmen, and dragged the gels through the rides and to a gate to meet their friend. Thanks Trish.

And left them to spend a wonderful time there. Their grandfather, Poppy, had given them some money to spend. I had joked to him that that was a cheap way of getting out of walking around with them. Small mercies in fact, thanks Poppy. The money I gave them sort of was spent first, they actually came back with some. "Poppy's money". Obviously the sideshows were not that great after all, and the rides not what was expected! And no showbags?! Shock! When the boys had come back in the past- there was lolly/sweets bags and paper and crappy cheap plastic toys left over from showbags around the house for weeks after.

And Aftermath.

One ride left a memory for eldest gel- she banged her knee getting off it. Bugger!
The gossip was: one of their friends now had a boyfriend!
And and and   [in one ear and out the other, sorry gels]
The fireworks were nice. In the rain.
A beautiful warm day, evening and nightfall.
With a light rain to top it off after the sun went down.
And then a storm as the sky show was finishing.
Thunderbolts and lightning, very very exciting!

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