Saturday, October 22, 2011

Knitting lessons

With Country Women
Of The CWA and The Gels

One night after school is usually Band Night- Gel#1a [or child #3] has an hour of School Band, then the three of us usually have another hour in the town's brass band hall training with the Bandmaster and others.

But this week the gels have joined in with some other young'uns to be taught some new skills.
Such Knitting and the fine art of a women's [conversation?] group- with mums and grandmothers. Only once a month, a small conflict, but what else can I do?

I think this will be a great experience for them in my opinion, and I am indebted to Gwen who lives around the corner, a grandmother to a gel that my gels go to school with.

[Gwen is a character too. She has a cockatoo, and the bird escaped from their yard once years ago, and it flew into our backyard. I was at once a little concerned about our cat and the bird having gladiatorial combat in front of the kids and tried to shoo the apparently tame bugger away. As I got up close to it, it SHRIEKED so LOUD that I JUMPED backwards in fright!
Anyway- the bird has never graced us with its presence again.]

A week or two later. Well, fortnight practically.

They have done as much practice knitting as they have with their brass instruments. Close to Zilch. As seen at right... The even got a DVD to help them out. So far I have not seen it being used, but they do have a busy schedule, see.

The next thing you will see me wearing I hope is a new pullover in the near future...

However, or But.. They have got the hang of it after a few goes. I hope it will be something that will last. Like my Mum, still churning out beautiful pullovers/gernseys/jerseys/jumpers for family members since I was a baby.

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