Thursday, October 13, 2011

Coastal Visit

A quick Weegen parental Visitation
Or Dragging Bad Weather to the Beach

I am remiss in a promise to try to see my folks more than a few times a year.
Once my mother was struck down with a paraplegic condition I was going to travel to see them more often.
It is far too far for me to expect them to travel my direction for a day's probably very uncomfortable ride, and that is fine by me- I get to travel out of my own hell hole [not!] for a day or two, and share the travails of parenthood with them, hoping that the gold mines of experience we now share have any common ground...

Of course there is, and now that the gels are tearing into the pre-teen stage, I need a bit of sage advice. The boys are... well, #2 is nearly out in the wild with the eldest, but both are pretty well prime conversation subjects anyway using a crystal ball to see what they will end up doing etc... ...

This last weegen, it was only three of us travelling away to The Beach, the other side of the Big Smoke, near Bells Beach. The gels and I.  #2son was "working" Fri and Sat nite, &  #1son was travelling down our way for a music festival held around the towns' pubs here- not really to see us... But it would have been nice, the girls have not seen him for a few months. So they both missed a weegen with their grandparents. But they had to look after the house- NO PARTIES, and #2 strictly to be home- no pubs or lose the phone/skateboard/bmx or all of them...

Travelling takes about four hours over 290 km, mostly freeway too. Maccas attack on the road, mainly to keep the peanut gallery QUIET.

My folks were well, and no big-bad-great-deary'me news, just usual catch up stuff.

My head hit the pillow later, and after some AngryBirds I drifted off, a dim sound of crashing waves in the background.

The next day- busy sort of.  Me an me gels took a seven kilometer walk along the ocean beach and river with me dad's doggy [Lockie, Lachie, Loki?]. Such a nice rambling walk that wore us all out in a nice way.

My lil sis took the gels away the next day for more proper photos than my phone camera snapshots, and hoping I am not breaking the law- here is a sample.

I did think 'what the?'
Etcetera forever?
Dumb daggy dad!

E+C 4 EVA!

So thanks dad, Mum and KT for a great weegen away. And specially for the pics KT. 

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