Monday, October 17, 2011

In passing

As I followed I saw
A grownup waiting

Recently or... only yesterday?

As gel#1a went to her mirror in her own room, I saw,  to brush her hair- I thought- "OMG she is nearly grownup!" Not apparent to all maybe, but she is at my eye level to me now or more, and her sister not that different either. Mozzy bites too... Not looking forward to the miseries of the monthly cycle DOUBLED coming along soon- or am I being too anxious? Their mum was a little fragile once in a while, but I don't think she ever bit my head off. I was grumpier usually anyway. For both of us. Or sillier.

Want, Do not Want

Son#2 had a bit of a hangover over the weegen. A knock on the frontdoor at 3am by his friend from two doors down from us to say, "he has made a mess, is pretty smashed, but okay and we will look after him". Hmm. He tried to explain "wot 'appenned", but I really did not want to know. "I do not want you to do this sort of thing. I cannot stop you or keep you at home, but I will restrict privileges like the phone etc". Took me another year... He wants to leave school to make money and enjoy himself. I want him to enjoy another few years of relative freedom and pass some exams, which is pretty different to the outside circus we have to work in.

Duty Calls

Son#1 has made it to the Jury roster this week... He is coping with uni. Just. With his first year away nearly complete, he wants his own place, without 'friends' partying outside his room or next door. That is pretty serious for a first year, is it not?

Working away

I had on offer on a completely different type of professional job in a faraway town that I regretfully had to pass on. A geologist cannot be a metallurgist. Or why not? Travel time and time away may have been difficult unless we uproot. They did not ask for a resume... Comment please- should I shove my resume to them anyway?

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