Saturday, October 22, 2011

Alone for now

Weegen fun
Not as

As the kiddliewinks are growing older [or getting up in the social stakes?] and  "What Are We Going To Spend Dad's Money On This Weegen?" ideas come round, I am finding more time to ponder and Procrastinate. About them. Keeps my mind off other things.

Son#2 is off at the horse races today, the local Cup is on, and a bunch of young people are dressed to the 9s on a beautiful sunny day. He has been told to keep away from the stupid underage drinkers... HE has no money and I had no intention of funding it either. I hope he won't miss his sick GF, poor gel has a virus, "going around..." a lot!

The Gels on the other hand are off exploring the Mall with two of their BFs With spare change, they may buy some hot chips. MY spare change and a bit of theirs. One had a sleep over the other night, so it was just me and Gel#1b, then last night, a sleepover with a friend here. Not as loud as anticipated, but nice for them.
It's amazing how nearly independent they have become, I barely have to supervise activities anymore. Apart from the usual House Cleaning and Cat Chores, "Homework?!" and "When was the last time you bothered to have a shower?"

How come they can toilet, turn the TV on  and feed themselves first thing, but the Cat and Dishes are somewhat ignored...? Argh! And never accepting the idea of leaving used clothes by the door prior to sleeping, to be taken to the laundry basket at next morning room exit. Oh No.

And Son#1. Busy making fun at the moment, of the protesters in The Big Smoke I imagine.

Not a happy vibrant post, nor a sad one. Too critical, and probably repeatable the world over.

But as Iwas pondering, these loose bit and pieces may come in handy one day. Like the wood I am collecting for... what exactly?

Four. It may have been nice to have shared it all. That's what I was pissed off about eleven years ago.

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