Monday, May 2, 2011

Drop-ins and shopping spree...

Busy day yesterday- the baby had banged her foot on the first day of the "Feaster Weegen" and been limping all week long- so Thursday I managed to get a doctors appointment- I prompted an emergency need like I thought she may need a x-ray? And only had to wait 25 minutes, and then off to th ex-ray place. No call about a broken foot last night, that was good, but;

Surprise telephone call last night. From my brother [another one] who also has a motor bike, one of the latest Triumphs too.

A ten o'clock drop in tomorrow? Sure I said, sure.

After all, the laundry was not going to do it self at that time on a Saturday morning now, was it?

Good call there really, I would have loved to sleep in, and the the rest of the crew too, But, my brother!

And another drop-in was #1 Son too! It was planned, there was another 18th birthday celebration party for his Group to gather for. He trained in late last night from the Big Smoke, so not a red drop for me until I had picked him up. Buggery. Oh well.

The gels rushed him as usual, as he tried to get in the door. Nice. Cannot remember my younger siblings rushing me like that, but that was a long time ago- and I would not have expected it anyway!

As we all sat down after he had a bite to eat- he could not wait for a home made meal- we all managed to squeeze up to him. I was trying to see what he had been up to for the last wee while, and the others just appeared to crowd in to listen in! Very social little group until one sat on the arm rest again and I raised my voice over that, and had to recant before she felt left out! So four on the sofa, made for two... Cos #2 son thought while I was so busy catching up with his brother that I should play "Life" with him on his Touch, and the gels wanted to see what he and I were doing as well as listen in on the Adult conversation...

All together again.

Today, I managed to scrounge the laundry together and start it, and some bstd with a Loud Mo'a'bike stopped at the gate.

Woo! Sime! As he got the bike gear off, he wondered where the offspring were. I stared and said-


So we sat and had a cuppa and caught up. Then the trouble makers Arose over the next hour or so and drifted in and out and around saying hi and all.

Sime has a good job, and had a few days off to go for a ride around the state and to the Capital City to see a mate. He and his partner a good arrangement as far as disappearing to do things- next month he wants to go windsurfing in Hawaii, the bstd! Anyway, he has a bluetooth device on the bike helmet so he can use the iPhone as entertainment and communication. Neat. New panniers. And he had a Great time riding around in the off week after Easter- quiet roads for a blasting good time. Then off he went home to his place- the last stretch back to the Big Smoke.

This afternoon, I had to get some promised school pants for one of the gels, then I went on a splurge- new rain gauge cheap, and new cordless phone set of thre with the display lights up and all, also cheap as! And finally got the last of the laundry out by 3pm... to be brought back in and draped over the drier before the dew set in at sunset. And feed the cat... And now I am thinking- she needs new shoes too, bloody hell.

Tonight I have been left alone- the party goer may be back, the next one has got a dish job for the night, and the gels were asked out for a sleepover at their pommy girlfriends' place. Leftover curry tuna mornay- I was gong to go to Macca's! Ah well. recorded Dr Who in case the gels missed it- bet they did not!

So for the week, I had seen all my sibling and the old folks too. And got a night off.

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