Monday, October 1, 2012

time to fly again

to and fro

Looks like I have been attempting to sort the house, car and finances out. For a reason.

[late addition- prescience]

So as to start real work and to leave the kids in part time care of their aunts and uncles and grands.
And their Big Brother.
Yes I said, with butterflies in the pit of the tummy, I said yes to a job offer.
On the understanding that a certain aunt will be around to care for the "new orphans".

The certain Aunt actually found the job offer online, which I dutifully and manfully forgot to follow up for a few days until I was casually reminded again. Back home, a quick look over the offer- looked simple and plain enough, but rather than go through hoops and forms, just sent a quick few lines after lunch, saying maybe [me] not what they wanted, but click my CV link anyway and get back to me one way or the other.

Less than three hours later, a Positive Reply!

A call and email before dinner even, about a long distance phone interview the next day! An ambit day rate claim was taken at the low end, and was the main motive of the offer I found out, but, foot in the door of the oilpatch(?!) After all the ups and downs the last few months, fixing and scrimping, a real job in the field I like to be in; exploration and getting my hands dirty doin' it.

So far, it is just pie in the sky until the company calls again, that the drilling rig is ready to core and that my services, rusty as they are after ten years of childcare, are to be utilised. On Deck as it were.

The kids are excited that Dad has a new job. [but NOT YET! they are spending money in their heads already] A trial, that could be continued far far away, over a certain holiday period. For a small fee. A fee larger of course than the present stop gap courier job that just tides us over a week at a time.

But as stated, the rub is Away Job. I should not worry.

The gels are probably fine, in company of Aunt and Cuz if I am away, but will it be too much for either?

I don't stress and worry at home with them, too much, just sometimes yell about what has not been kept up to a clean standard, feed them and taxi them and find dollars for them. Sounds cruisey.

And #2Son is nearly voting and keeping his room and nose clean for now and can cook up for himself too. Also cruisey, but the party life style as well as school requirements on top of the job he needs just to pay for his phone bill worries me a little. Maybe he can live at his GFs hoose, I sure her Ma will keep him in line!

So I am maybe going to be a working part time dad to teens.

Will I get another anxiety attack about them and fall in a heap?
Will I have to then keep the little job forever?
Will I make enough to get a new roof?
Will Aunts' family handle it all?
Can #1Son be a fill in for me too?
Will the kids be good for them all?
Will separation be good or bad?

Will they be the same afterwards?


  1. You, brother #1, will only know if you try it out. You will kick yourself if you don't give it a proper go. They will be in VERY capable hands. As long as the gels keep their rooms tidy at Aunty's I am sure they will be fine ;-)

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