Monday, September 17, 2012

only a couple of friends

Why is it that any birthday for a teenager is so important?

Statistically, it will only be a small percentage of their lives.

But #2 child, #2Son, has had two birthdays that needed a lot of friends to help celebrate. In my back yard. What will next years 18th be like?

It will probably another Ben Hur epic like last weekend.

"Only a couple of friends" were supposed to be around.

Like- three times what the original "guestimate" was...

At least another adult joined in at some time for a while.

I think we had a nice night.

The night before there was a quick pizza dinner with the family- without a cake.

I buggered that up! At least his grandfather and Brenda brought some cake!

Just did not think to pictoralise it nor add candles.

Epic fail I think.

But I think he enjoyed getting the guitar he got from us. And having his aunt and little cousin there too, and girlfriend L. With a call [on the speaker phone- haha] from his Big Brother back in The Big Smoke.

His mum would be proud him and of the lot of them

Enjoy Frizle!

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