Monday, October 29, 2012

I haf sum nuus

Good and bad news on last status-

Thanks to my aunt, I have gotten onto my neurologist's clinic, and got a booking earlier than January  this week in fact.

de bat nuus- still not 60% in the left eye- the orange street lights are now just grey glows in the dark.

It was not good to be on the first geology job with a bung colour filter I tell you. I had to ask one of the fellas if some clay was brownish or reddish, that's what I'm losing out on- colour judgment.

If it is just "optical neuritis", there is still the chance that it will come back to normal. I can nearly read this screen properly now, with funny after images chasing the words across the page, distracting me in shades of blue and yellow, through a greyish filter.

Crossing my fingers that it will all be okay in a few more weeks, it's been three weeks so far... Maybe I can go onto capaxone[?] sooner than later, as joan wants me too.

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