Thursday, October 11, 2012

a letter

Attn Ernie ****
From Tony Ford, 146 Fitzroy Sale, 11/Oct/12

Hello Ernie,
I last saw you in February 2012. I wish to have a chat maybe or a reply about MS related(?) eye sight problem if the following information is not enough.
You thought at the time that I had a pretty mild case of MS if at all.

Yesterday, Wednesday 10/10, I stared out my window at some white flowers- thinking I had slept on my arm/hand with my face, as my left eye seemed rather reduced in capability- that is, like I was wearing dark sunglasses compared to the full glarey whiteness that the right eye seemed to perceive.

Overnight. Because Tuesday I went to bed with “full capabilities” as discussed last visit. There is a reduced perception of ‘redness’ of the right eye still.

My optometrist and my GP suggested I better get in touch with you about this and think about a course of capaxone(?) soon. As my case notes state, my father’s sister has MS, and she has in the past related that the sooner I get on something the better I will be.

After the eye episode, I was in a panic mode, as I drive a lot for a living, and to tell the next thing, I started a new (Geology consulting field) job today.

I did think maybe it was an anxiety related episode.

As I type this, it is still hard to read the screen with the left eye alone- like a macular degeneration effect in patches making it hard to concentrate when reading, and with a grey filter on whiteness (flowers, a white wall)- almost like the trick of polarised lenses.

There is a slight ache around the eye orbit(?) back around behind the eye too.

The only symptoms(?) I can relate is a slight cold like infection that lasted a few weeks before hand, and a small dose of the runs Tuesday, if that makes any sense.
There was also a small tingling effect down the right side in some places about a few weeks ago when I leant my head forward, for a few minutes only, not since.

Barrie the optometrist found nothing wrong on inspection yesterday-
I said I would have you informed that I visited if you need some retina images.

I will be in the field the next two weeks, but would appreciate your time, attention and soonish response on this matter, I know you are probably run off your feet in the type of thing.

Kind regards

Tony Ford

Since this was sent, last night, I have tried to evaluate whether 48 hours after this blindness(?) has changed.
I think it is a little worse, texting takes twice as long anyway.
Typing this is not to bad with both eyes, but with only theright I really have to PECK slowly at the keyboard!!!!!!!!!
Sight is smudgier too I think.
Ernie has not replied as I type this out.
I love reading, and if this gets worse, how can I drive at night, or even through the city.
thinking that I should have pushed the medicine regime, what ever the small side effects.

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