Friday, March 9, 2012

Torn and Taunted Carpets

When you see a van
After having a thought

I was torn about whether the carpets should be professionally Dry Cleaned,  "electro cleaned" or Just Left For Another Day. How long ago was it? And, like, the central heating air duCKs too. Another time.

Cos let's face it, getting a few rooms done is expensive when the chore is contracted out.

Oh, what about--- no, can't get it done from off shore, bugger. Banking IT stuff yeah, but carpets... Well. Unless they flew over there...

The hired carpet cleaner for a DIY job is not bad, and the friend's cleaner was okay too, but... that real deep clean and those first steps across freshly cleaned carpet in bare feet...


As I was backing the van out to go to work, and thinking, "how long since the last professional carpet clean? Maybe I better..." and was taunted by a weird sight.

Around the opposite corner drove a Carpet Cleaning Van...

Sorry, I thought it was worth writing up.

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