Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weegen at the beach

Saturday Night- "Daaad..?"
Cant' be good...

Off the cuff, #2Son asks me in the evening,"Can you, me and Shane go to Sandy Point tomorrow for a surf like we talked about over summer?" IE, Months Ago..
Not a time for one on one exactly- but 4 hours with two young adults in a car... And, like- what? Tomorrow? [But me- oh oh- some speed sailing?]

Hmm. Dilemma. That day [and off cuff again], I had taken the gels and their friend out to the lake sans water craft- on the off chance, that the "Blue Green Algae poisoning the lake scare" had passed. Or not. Saturday itself was a hot steamy day and the gels Had To Go To The Lake so I "did not have to pay for pool entry"- HAH! 40km round trip and needed fueling up too...

Nice afternoon, no sunburn on the ducks. There was a fool on a skidoo there and that annoyed the hell out of me, the 5kmh speed limit near a beach was IGNORED. We were going to leave early- wondering where the water cops were as usual.

So organised the 300km round trip Sunday drive to the Best Sailing Inlet In The World. There is a nice surfing beach there too. Rang up my new sail boarding buddy to invite him for a surf down there too- "nah mate- work..." Bugger- on the weegen? Tough luck, too late, so made arrangements for a drink there later in the week. Shane was sms'd to turn up bright and early with surf gear... And made sure that the gels and their friend would make it to her place and stay there 'til we got back- giving them more pool money in the end... Went to see my old work place on the way home, the winery and vineyard had sure changed a lot since 2008!

Sunday: Took off 30 minutes behind schedule [not too bad], the learner driver taking us to fuel up the car first, then off for a drive, with board covers flapping.

 Waratah Beach, Sandy Point VIC, with the boys way off the the left

He made it there before lunch. Dropped the boys off with no real "warnings", trusting that young adults do not need that shit anymore- wrong slightly.

Drove to Shallow inlet and considered the next move. Conditions were slightly sail-able for a large board and sail- or kite sailing. Hmph. Read a book, checked some forecasts and observations on my new work tablet. By midday enough wind turned up that I could do better than the sailors already on the water- two of.

Rigged up the 5.9m2, and really enjoyed myself for nearly 2 hours. Quite a few successful jybes on the fluffy wind- pleased. The wind died out a bit, and I got pretty tired trying to raise the sail after falling in twice after a lull, so decided enough is enough! I was not going to get a tow in! Started to rig down once I got back to shore, and the wind came in properly then- Argh! No, Tone, home!

Went back to the surf beach and waited for the boys to come out. The waves were okay for them I think- they did not go out to where the bigger rollers were curling. There was a wave-sailor and a stand-up paddleboarder[?] out by the time we left. And the only accident was some sunburn on #2Son's legs and arms- after two sunscreen application as well! Organised on the way via mobile for some take-way fish-n-chips to be picked up at the same time the gels and us got home.

All up, the activities were great, out of the blue or off the cuff, a bit expensive   but you cannot take it with you...

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