Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Another dust biting

and E&A visit,
thanks, but I try...

Now some people might think that with children it is poor form to expect frequent flier points for every visit to see a GP or for attending the Accidents & Emergency clinic at the local hospital for every nick/cut/temperature/broken-bone , or that I am not performing as a properly strict and helicoptering single parent preventing any sickness or accidents from occurring to the beloved immediate descendants, [take a breath], but...

This time:

It was after dinner, and the sun not yet set.
"See ya, I'm off to the skate  park!"
"Be careful and be back before dark!"
"Yeah, sure"

Watching the teev, later, with a wine in hand, playing solitaire, sun had set and no child...

"I'm back, and fell off at the quarterpipe" he intones, holding his wrists out...
"Uh oh- does it hurt? Much? Move your hands? Painful, clicking? Hmm."
"Yep, I think it's broken here and this one is bad too"

Hmm, again. "Nah, you don't look that hurt to me, let's just strap it up, cool it down, wait for morning and take a tablet or two, and sit down for a while and," I paused, " leave the bloody phone alone!"

He was not white from shock or puffing, he had not called for a ride to the A&E clinic, had walked home, so what else really could I do?

"Still painfull"
"Did you take a tablet? Did you not get the hint? Just go to bed!"
"Can you strap it?"
"Sorry, yes, of course. And leave the phone alone!!!"

After breakfast and extensive questioning of the suspect victim bloody teenager patient child, my #2Son, I called the GP clinic this morning for a visit and X-ray referral- "Nah, go to A&E"!!!!

Bloody heck, okay, off we go.

The wait was not that long this time, half an hour, some time for one on one [not really, still had the morning grumps myself!] and the result was:

 "JustOnly soft tissue damage towards the outside of the wrists, maybe a week or so of no extreme sports, or/and until he can rotate the wrists quickly without any pain..."

Like I thought, a trivial injury with no time off school.

Who said parents know nuthin about parenting and kids?

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