Friday, February 3, 2012

Currently A New Year

Oh der Fred Marvin! Catch up!

The kids have started a new school year- #2Son his second last year of Secondary School, and the twins, #1gel and #2Gel have just started their first day at Secondary School. #1Son will soon start second year at the Big Smoke Uni, and in the meantime, has got himself a new single bedroom apartment. For the same price. With a kitchenette and ensuite. One glass and two plates, a set of cutlery for one. I think. Yesterday I dropped off some stuff for his place, but he did not want too much. Mugs, plates. BTW, next week he has jury selection!

The gels had a big summer holiday. Lots of sleepovers with mates here and away, heaps of swimming pool stuff. We did not get to the ocean beach even once. But we had fun I suppose. Sometimes- they had Six gels running around here, [which means I run to my man-cave and bunker in with some HM rum and coke and the teev ...] Movies. Xmas with their aunts and uncles and granparents here and there. But it was a cool xmas day. And filling.  Both times! Ta Dee and bro.

#2Son had fun- FooFighters, Big Day Out, lotsa skaten an' biken' an' time with his little cutey 'L'.

I took my lil yacht out. Once. I went to the pics once, to see A Few Best Men. (not that great, okay tho. Too Aussie).

Last week, me and the gels went around getting the new uniform stuff and school stuff. The dresses and jackets cost a small fortune, got two of each, a size 10 and a size 12 in case there is a growth spurt some time this year. Gotta be prepared! But the smaller size was tailored (for another small fortune) and they looks just fine. The downer was that some one suggested I really should have bought four size 8 instead. Pessimists. Whatever bonuses I received (ta everyone) for getting all this school stuff (for three of them) was not quite enough, och well, and still gotta get some clogs for the #2Son! I mean Skate-shoes suitable enough for school...

Yesterday [at 8am! After a 2 hour drive..] I got to see a specialist about whether I had MS or not. I have a mild case. There. And will see him again. Next year. And drove home from the Big Smoke after seeing Son#1. Back to a crazy work schedule, and then after that, More damn school supplies shopping! At least they had practically everything to start the new year off.

Bearded. After the Big day Out Weegen
Another one-on-one thing we have between #2Son and me is the learning to drive a vehicle... As he has a little delivery job around town, I have started to let him drive me around in order to get some hours up on his logbook. He needs 120 hours worth before he can do his driving test for a licence, and that is a lot of petrol man- work it out. Och well. There is the definite one-on-one time, even if I am trying to stop the car with my mental powers at times... So I thought that with two years, just an hour a week should be fine. Nah, give in a little, and it is two hours a week. Dang. Quarter of the way there already! And we are still alive too. Hmm.

Last weegen, he and his mate Max went to the Big Smoke all by themselves on the train to the Big Day Out, a series of Concerts by big bands and the lesser known newbies. I think he had a good time.  I bought him his ticket months ago and he only just paid it back to me just in time. He had worked his butt off for it too, or else! They stayed at my niece's place nearby, so it was all good- just a hop skip and jump- or 15 minute walk away. Really growing up noo!

I have been left alone in the house a few times the last few months. Strange. Getting close to the empty nest stage. Maybe get to have the house the way I want it. Clean, neat, tidy. Hmm. And just me?

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  1. Loved this post tone...made me a bit sad too, bits of it. I cant even imagine the house with no kids! Wish we could stop the clock.

    sending love
    D xxxx x