Friday, March 9, 2012

The mice were away

Not really Away
And the cat did sweet...?

One month into the new school year, and the New High School Students and #2Son had things to be paid for! A camp in the mountains and a school dance.

The gels were sort of excited about going to a school camp this week, just two nights away to bond with the new class mates I suppose. A giant swing etcetera. Some kayaks and hiking activities, an obstacle course. Rain...

The older boys had been there in their earlier high school years too, and the main thing to tell me on their return was how bad the food was. Not this time!

So I sent them off, or did they take off themselves? Advice, be nice, do not do anything you know you should not. What else can I say- no drugs or sex or drinks or music or fun? Trust- I have have so much and I respect my kids' teachers. And the system. Cos they live in the same small town and so far there are no secrets tween the gels and I. Yet.

Now I do not know whether that is true with me and the #2Son. I have him driving the family car on the freeway with us all in there, and he says he don't do that or this when he goes out, so...

With this kid, all it is this time is throwing money at Potential. This debutante dance thing needs money for dance training, the partner's flowers, the Suit, and more- seats at the table for family/friends... I did get the #1Son to do it at the other school, and he missed the after party... I will have to do the same thing with #2 too! Already his partner is tired of the dance training- and I say, "download" a waltz and Practise! - "yeah, nah, dunno"! And another thing- maybe you know- he has an ingrown toenail, an dthe doc said "try not to skate for a week or so...". Yeah right. There was a follow up visit- and he admits that he did not finish the antibiotics cos he had a few drinks last night. to the doc. In front of me. gRREAT! Not. Of course. Even if I did say he could go out, I did not mean to have a few. His foot. His trial and error. Good luck with that. "Daad?" Hmmph

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