Sunday, March 18, 2012

Another week down..

Am I over the parenting.
This week? Or Overparenting?

After nearly twelve years, my twins are pretty much on their way to a brave new world... I gave them the responsibilities of looking after a prepaid mobile phone contract. On their own phones... Each... But I still won't let them have a FazeBuk or Hortmael accounts as yet- unlike the boys where they just did it without authorisation from me- I still have some sway over the twins. So far. And I find myself lecturing and hectoring them all more than ever too. After all, it does cost too much when they have the face-time thingo on ipods as well! The phones are for me and them to be in touch, not for socialising. I hope.

The second son is still doing the ballroom dancing lessons for the debutante ball, coming up soon. His partner is working, at critical lesson stages, so there is tension in the air... The poor bugger not only has to learn to cope with that, but also to live and phone on a reduced budget- his restaurant job has come to an end due to the economy... I think he really does want to work in that line too, maybe he will be out and about from school at the end of the year, against my better judgement. But he will be driving and voting within only two years.

This week was a primary school garden party, one that I thought I would not have to go to anymore after being to it each year since 1998, but... As Gel#1A is staying on in the town brass band, they wanted her to play for the annual Maypole Dance at the school they left last year. Oh well. Gel#1B was dragooned into doing face painting too.

My ability to live on the smell of an old oily rag is being sorely tested. I was going over some budget stuff from a few years ago, and it looks like we will have to tighten the belts more, unless a new job just pops up out of nowhere. This month being birthdays, water bills, regos*, holidays and deb balls and all, it's frightening. Spending more on communications than insurances! Time on the job is up, but the rates are the same... Productivity can only go up if there is more work available, and the contacts say, nah, sorry. Argh.

The plus side is shampoo. It looks like using Head & Shoulders® brand has done more than fix the family scalps. I really think that other brands tend to put something like a fertilizer in the air for the moulds on the wall and weed and tree roots in the drains! Since Xmas, the bathroom walls are definitely better than they were. And, indeed, I have not had to do the plumbing- touch wood- the cleaning of the drains for a while either- or... What is in that brand of shampoo that mould and roots do not like....? Whatever! Hope it is bad for that and good for us! Have to add on that using 1/4 teaspoon of Oil Of Cloves/liter sprayed on the walls is also helping. Now I will have to get a paint suitable for the littlest room in the house. Actually, it really ain't that small! Onto the bottom of the list, I realise, as I still have some other renovations to do first- soft wood on the weather side...

*vehicle registration, etc

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