Thursday, July 11, 2013

Three Milestones This Year

getting three in one year

Alone almost, well, people do say I have managed it, so as usual, it's either water off the ducks back or breathe it in Princess- Anyway- my four prodigies have made it to an interesting time of our lives, where, if I may be self aggrandizing, we can celebrate three no four, milestones.

The gels have made it to the TEEN years. With phones and keys and purses...
The second boy will be VOTING on his EIGHTEENTH birthday. And driving that week too.
The eldest is TWENTY ONE- I just gave him the usual birthday present- a watch.
I am a full deck of spider solitaire cards old. And Tarn would be too.

[So then- Five years to go, to sell the mansion, and move to a warm windy lake place... Unless grandchildren start falling from the sky! Need a yard to corral them little ankle biters I suppose!]

So much more could be said- I have not written up much lately, think I am still coming down from the high of working for a good coin and recovering from the stress of it all- not- haha- not quite.

We do seem to have attracted a few new people to the family home- #2Son has friends living in the shed with him a few days a week- Mr C needs to be closer to work- a 15 minute commute interferes with the apprenticeship wage threshold of fuel or food or drink- something like that- and the same with the other blow-in that has landed like a drowned kitten at the door, Mr Z, although I think he makes more coin for socialising purposes only mind you, than Mr C! I should also note that the final year of high school also includes a fair bit of weekend boozing- not like when I was a kid [hmm?]- think I may have lost parental control there- but I can stop his phone use... Just wish he would jump in to do the usual kiddie chore without been repeatedly asked. I am hoping he knuckles down the rest of the school year so as to pass high-school and get into a paramedical course! Life...

What to tell the gels when their friends start to behave like... girls? As above- "live with it", it is only one phase you have put up with- at a time- should be okay within a week or so- like the common cold- and Who Knows...

About #1Son and the milestone- he made it down from the Big Smoke for a NIGHT to celebrate with us and cousins and grandad and the carers that are lifelong friends. Was a good night out- everybody well behaved. The cousins, my brothers twin girls, who also be 21 next year, brought along a hard-drive chockers with their overseas trip to Europe- we saw about ten percent... another time BunnieTwins!

[PS #4 achieved another milestone 20 July, congratulations!]

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  1. Awesome job done Tone, the rest is up to those individual, unique, compassionate, well mannered off spring as they find their way through the maze ahead of them, you have prepared them so so well to realise that life is organic, not rigid, and that alone is a challenge for most adults to grasp eh? good luck Tone with everything else and stay warm :) Love Jen XXXXX big hugs for the gels