Thursday, July 11, 2013

Nine months

Nine months

On copoxane

Since the start of the course of medicine-"copoxane", very occasionally there are  little tingly feelings in back and sometimes in the legs.
No episode or attack on the temple.
MRI next week, to see how well(?) the leedle pea bodies in the grey matter are growing.
Thought the effect of colourlessness in the left eye would be bad for the job- at least a little bit, but no, not affecting the job as long as someone else can verify we are calling a red "red" etc etc.
Wonder about reading street trraffic signs from afar though- better not have an attack on the right eye- else will be no good for reading/driving/describing rock colours or seeing what needs to be recognised.
Not depressed- just amazed at evolution, and coping strategies the DNA deals out.

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