Saturday, July 20, 2013

Schools's Back

A catchup on the month [February 2012!]

gone past- phst!

[a catchup on the drafts folder, whether it is worth it.. yep]

From a note to my sister who wanted some gossip from over here:
Not much news here either. Al’s back for maybe jury duty later this week.
Gels like school, gets lots of boring news about that- she said, she did, he did etc
Fraser has deb ball training, i was sposed to go to a meeting to form a committee or it will be cancelled and arrived as it was closing as I forgot,,,,,,
Got photos school pics this week.
Made a subwoofer and got aspecial amplifier for it, sounds good!

Her reply
I read your subwoofer adventure. You are Terry Ford's son that's for sure. Good on you!

I love you have to hear the who said what Stories. That's so funny. I bet you tune out and get glazed eyes. HA

Lucky bugger that Alexander. I have been called up twice in the past few years but didn't go any further than the letter and the voice mail saying I wasn't need this time. How is he going in his new place?

Awe Debs, what fun times. I went to 8. I stared in none. Our school didn't do debs so they were organised in by ballet schools, Starlight foundation etc. Plus I wouldn't have had anyone to ask being at an all girls college. No great loss really. Waste of money for the girls.

Stories from school, yep, who has been smokin etc


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