Wednesday, January 2, 2013

And that was crissy

Crissy- done and dusted

Pre Christmas

This time with my Mum and Dad- at the beach- windy and chilly- not summery at all. The folks appear to be coping on the outside, but not 100% well: Mum in the electric wheel chair and Dad and his 'oh-ow' shoulder... but he was planning an around the bay voyage with my brother  Mum says he lights up when Irene is involved


Dee's Pete gave her a new car to go with the hoose...

Quiet enough Chrissy Day with my wife's family sans her dad- ill. Turned out a late long night, nice company. The gels loved their pool. Of course. [Poppy is still not well either.]

There was my family's big do other side of the Big Smoke- sort of missed that atmosphere- twenty odd family- or more- wait- 5 sibs, plus pardners, plus ankle biters and YA- yeah- more than that. Anyway- we missed filling up over there- but definitely not missing out back here with Dee.

Thursday night out too, with Steve and Fran, the gels disappeared down the other end of the house.

New Year

Funny old night out at the nu hoose wif a pool- gels again disappeared down other end of hoose, but so not really invisible- "do not enter hoose wif wet feet" again and again! Anyway- another nice nite with taco mix and soft tortia and their friends. And nice Rockfords Black Shiraz '04 that no one else wanted to try- to early? It was sweetish too, very nice, lasted the whole evening- no guzzling on my part! There was some loud bangs at - oh- about midnight? And a swim for me too. next day not bad at all- read a book.

Rest of the Year?

Hopefully more work through Skye or as a consultant geo on a rig, as the government is pulling out of family support for single dads, the utility company bills and local shire taxes going up are gunna drown me... I think the four kids are going to survive with or without me, they can sort of cook and clean and get to school themselves...

Yeah, better be  better year all round, looking for that sunshine is getting harder.

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