Sunday, December 23, 2012

While I remember

For those with Loved ones not at home

This week I found out that some of my kid's friends are at home with only one parent.

To be sure, maybe I should have been more informed, but these days, I an pretty busy in my own way. Selfish I suppose, but.

"A" has her mum recovering from really bad problems in a 'old peoples' place.

"D"'s mum is also recovering, from brain surgery, there for a about a year now at the same place as "A's" mum.

I did not know.

Now I do. Tonight. Xmas Eve aboot. To boot!

So I am not alone, in my town, raising tweens and teens.

Worst thing, I only know now-  communications are fuzzy.

As I thought about it just now, is it in my what-would-you-say? to visit them, and reach out to my friends dads and mix?

Not many in twelve years in this town offered to get to know me and mine or help out about my loss.

I have not reached out too- to me, looks like these kids dads have not so much either.

Is our community that selfish or withdrawn or so full of it self?

Now- I want to visit these ladies and gents but not sure how?

Rush in saying I remember you from back then or not, or what ever?

As usual, Nah? is not right.

With my baggage already?

Mu immediate feelings were shock, and wow, I did not know, and now guilt. My kid's friends families need something, what can I do?
But I do 'want to do', but I want some direction, I am asking for some positive feedback on how to help these dads and mums.

Help me out or not, flowers are on the way.

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