Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Salt and water and Eisteddfod Winner

Salt and water and
Eisteddfod Winner

The last few weeks have been a little slow...
The kids have been up to different things, and getting sick in turns.
I have enjoyed playing CivIV and keeping out of the way at home, and getting annoyed at the weather reports where I am missing a good sailing session again...

The other day I followed one of the twins down the hall.
And? They are young ladies now... nearly as tall as me...
Last week after I dropped one child somewhere, I pondered, wow, will I get to be a grandparent in the not too distant future? I mean, I welcomed fatherhood.

Ach vell, the veeks dat vas:

Last fortnight, Son#2 came down with a head cold, as you do when out with friends partying. Oh dear. Against my better judgement, but at least I know what is going on. Or Do I? And he has had to sleep in, well past lunchtime the last two weegens. And he's reducing my hangover cure pills by a smallish but noticeable margin... I hope the crap on the telly about fining and or actually jailing parents for letting kids drink at home is not true. But, avid risk avoider as I am, I am not letting the partying go on around here if it ever it comes up, I mean, the nanny state is going too far! And then I find out he said NO to a small job coming up, I do not think he has any other commitments except PAYING HIS MOBILE PHONE BILL ON TIME.

Speaking of bloody mobile phones- we tried to sort out the gels pre-paid accounts, what a rort! Cheaper this way or the same that way, but far too many plans... At least we can call each other for free. Oh wow, 21st century has arrived, pack the string and cans away. I really hope they appreciate they get to talk or message while I miss out on going speedsailing! Then I tried to get a new broadband plan... See my other posts... maybe I should get rid of ALL the phones and rely on the land line. HAHAHAHAhahaha, nope. Don't fink so...

The Eldest twin, Gel#1a, by a minute or so... was in a few Eisteddfod items locally last week, with the school band and the sale city band. Cos I wanted her to do something (a test) at a school rehearsal time without knowing How Important It Was to Attend the Final Rehearsal, she missed one performance out of three on the Thursday. Some teachers really piss me off. Anyway. At least they all did really well. And then the city band won its section, and they won another section the following Sunday, so all in all, she has fitted in really well with two great groups. And she accomplished it all with a cold she probably picked up from Son#2... Now all she should be keeping up is practise.

Now Gel#1b, the younger twin, has decided that the music scene as far as piano or brass is not up her street, is not doing any so maybe will miss out, at least she can read music! Also, she has not picked up a cold as such, but does have a funny eye, and a funny heel bone... So she missed out on a cross country run where her twin came fourth, ah well. Salt and warm water eye rinses and dry eye drops, all I can do, as so far, have not got a GOTTA TAKE ME TO THE DOCTOR NOW DAD.

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