Saturday, April 28, 2012

Oi You- Wake up

Sunday: Sleep in and clean up.

But the alarm went off and woke the remaining indigenous seagulls cats, and then...

Yes, another quiet weegen. The gels were sleeping over at their friend's place, and I was going to sleep in.
I keep forgetting to null the alarm on weegens. 
When it went off, there followed a squeaky meow from the hall way, as in, not the usual whinging loud meow of FEED ME, but a reminder, heel-ow, brekky time!
"Come along now"
"Buggerisation, okay, okay."

Ah, two of you, hungry?
"SCAT, Me First"

"Waiting, waiting..."

And then, later, I ty to do something else.

 "What is that RACKET?, I will Kill that thing with my Sonic Eyes."

"Come on I want to use the Front Door. Not Like I Usually Do, But So What?"

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