Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's raining again

The rain Page here has been updated again. And again- fancier?

I see that the rain pattern appears to be changing IMBY since the mid 2000's. Of all my hobbies started since kids arrived... it has been pretty satisfying to see what goes on IMBY and locally and regionally.

Playing with my excel graphs of monthly recorded rain IMBY [not daily- I think it would have to be re-arranged and not going there as yet...] it looks like the three cycles of rainy/drier has been changed since I have been recording it in the backyard.

Would you agree, or want to see more data? The  B.O.M. has a lot, maybe if you want you can see if it tallies up as far as a trend change goes. Fair warning, nearest weather data collection to us lies a few kilometres from away.

With a Muttley-like smirk or chuckle, or hiding embarrassment too, but, um, ah, am I right? Am I right?

Besides the 16month moving average cycle, it is the average over time that is also interesting. The drought in SE Australia looks to me to have ended maybe the first half of 2008 or earlier by my records?

At least IMO, these last few years of data shows me that it is heading towards a wetter climate here in SE Oz. IMBY IMHO that is!

Having weather station is nice to have- automation of data collection is a boon, what?

But I am not going down the road of temperature collection, as too many variables may affect the data collection, and I maybe should have started that at the same time as the rain recording, cos I do have and have had a MinMax mercury type thermometer since 1983... The many thermometers I have never agree anyway*...

I hope moving the rain collector gauge won't affect the data a lot, but that was a self imposed OH&S thing! In any case, I wanted to eliminate extra splash from the roof or nearest trees, but I do not think that has happened.
*marvined? Also, have to update that page- the magnificent measurement obsession has got some new additions!

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