Saturday, April 28, 2012

An intro to the world

In an olde fashioned way

Second boy has a turn

In Oz, maybe like in other places, we have a growing up celebration called a debutante ball. Where the nearly adult among us are presented to society or local community [as nearly ready to find partners? Or to present their current partners?]

Involved is:
Poor bloody parents.
Relatives and friends.


First, the parents have to be persuaded to part with money. For dancing lessons. This takes over a month, and the couples have to get it right, and the worry wears them down if they are perfectionists. I am told.

Next is finding the committee to look after the Kids' Big Night Out. As it was not not done properly before the practice sessions, and the few involved at first really needed to spread the load. Or get the nod on the decicions already made?
Yep, another committee, and yours truly put his hand up. And stayed quiet as the arrangements could only be nodded at from my point of view. Maybe a female partner would have enjoyed using the almost wedding like organisational skills required to implement committments to this procedure, like food, table arrangements and clothes and props, photographers, video people, stage trees and props, DJ for afterwards....etc etc,

So I was on the committee. Unfortunately, the male partners choices on the costumes were over-ridden. No, jeans and tees were not on the list, but suit/vest/tie colours were and their choices weren't. In the purple mode only, thank you boys.

The outfitting- apparently costly to the girls family, a sacrificial goat or jeep is sold off and a new mortgage negotiated, just like a wedding. The guys, just rent a tux and shoes... and do as they are told.

The Night

We were allowed five tickets to the ball. Which for me meant a grandparent and a sister and the twins. And me. Better than alone like last time as a partner piked out on #1Sons deb. Or refused- very unsettling at the time.

My sister travelled through the Big Smoke to come to a very special night, very appreciative of that. And his Poppy came along too and the twins. Also at the table was #2Son's girlfriend's Mum and partner and sister and partner. A jolly little group, first time together.

The deb kids were not at the table though, they were The Entertainment. And the table talk was a bit minimal, as we were there to see our kids.

They were presented to the Deputy Premier of the state, the Mayor of the shire, their partners and other school dignitaries a pair at a time. 

 Then there was the dancing.

The end was a loud din of families lining up for more photographs and a disco starting up. 

To me it was a little emotional at the start of the night, accompanied by poppy and the girls and my sister, was seeing this young man, a gentleman almost [hand reared] stepping out onto the world stage with a beautiful friend.

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