Wednesday, January 19, 2011

small... once...

Just watched the Oprah in Oz show.
Not sure that the Prime Minister should have been in on it though- but- go girls...
It's a big world out there. I am glad Oprah has been here. I am pretty sure that she knew that the US was a big place, and now, she knows that there is a paradise over the water away from the horrible palin-esqued un-enhanced  shitfight imbued politicised-television non-news stories.... [sorry- Jon Stewart is the only news worthy source of the state of the US nation to me at the moment]. How can the American people put up with the one-sided not-news-worthy shows like Fox etc? I thought the nazi propaganda machine, and pravda too, were biased a little bit, and philipino newspapers were funny in their own rants, but Fox news? Is it not the world is too big for their biase to be mainstreamed (mainlined?) via TV into US homes ? And the US government- what is that crap the GOP is going on about not supporting First Responders? Maaaate...
Anyway. And what a uneventful day t'was.
Tried to help #1 organise for new life away from home. Difficulties.  For example- accommodation- If you placed a bond on a place/service somewhere- does that not mean it is returnable if you don't accept the offered service down the track a little later? No, apparently. If you change your mind, bad luck. Not happy with that policy AT ALL- but, hell, don't matter now. He is in No Matter What- see ya later jack!
I get mixed messages as if I was not needed and then I am.
Well. I will always be there. Here.
Uni type life will be different for him- new- it takes me back- twas a huge shock I think  to my folks that I even managed to get a place- it certainly did not occur to me ever back then that I would end up being a Geologist! I left behind all my school friends of 13 years- so hard to keep up with any now- makes me sad- and so I hope that #1 and his mates will keep in touch for a long time.
FB has been good though, for me- I have managed to catch up a lot of old friends and acquaintances- Skype was abused badly recently as well as my liver- thanks Marsh!
#1 was always sure that he would get to go to uni.
For someone that at 5 years old could tell the school all about dinos at an  assembly Monday morning, and pronounciate correctly all the names- he has really done me so proud and most of all probably his mum too- by achieving a place at uni.
Moving him on down the highway- do we 'economise' on his "Space" now?
Does #2 Get the Shed?
Do the girls get to Split up into their own rooms?
Watch this space...

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