Friday, January 21, 2011

Apron Strings Away! Twang!

One of the hangers on around here has finished with me as of- well- soon anuf Oi say- or...

Well- you know. He - #1 - Zack or Mashakama or The Dinosaur Name ex-Expert- well he did well enough by the end of high school, and now wants to pursue different things. Or, Can!

Like, not domesticated things but.
Like keeping his old man and siblings alive through being The New Tiger Woods or sumpin, oh no.
[I guess one aspect  or characteristic that seems to have been passed on from Someone is 'The Natural Skeptic', or Cynical Lil Bstd Aint He. Or even the 'Easily Distracted by That Link' strain...]

Anyway- as noted elsewhere, I am going to miss him.

[Besides the point (I): Younger brother has his eye on the bungalow- well, no way, HosĂȘ- a lil bit longer- trust etc etc. Need that bank full of credit.]

So everyday there has been calls, posts, reminders, or "you should..." from me or him or others.

His grandparents are well pleased too.

Next week the two of us are off for an afternoons autographical entertainment and putting future earnings into my retirement- nah joke, my firstborn is to be signing his life away to mining deep in the coal mines of media tertiary
"edumacation and atwanct thyme vastinks"-  until he digs his way out of educational debts before he retires, if he gets a job....

Each time I answer the phone regarding him, I seem to give the wrong answers, so the bill is going to be humongous this month.
Example- "Whats the accommodation contract going to be sir?". "This" I say.
No, 50% chance--- wrong. It's That! I cannot read his mind. Or I forget what he told me... Argh.
Maybe I better get a white-board with a white board marker and a permanent marker.
You see what I mean, and the lists, it's got to be in big writing...

[Besides the point (II): #2 wants to share party time with #1 next week. I.E. his friends Mixing with #1s? I don't see a problem. Besides the point (III): And the girls are level with the tip of my nose...]

Poor #1. He seems to be distracted. The fuzz need a trim. This has to be done, and give notice there...
Well, out of the frying pan and into the circus.
I will be here. Staring at the first swinging string...

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