Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Washing, laundry like

Tarn used to hang out the washing in a particular way. Undies, 2 pegs each, on the inner line. Coloureds separate from underwear...

The last makes sense. I once washed everything and a particularly favourite bra of hers changed colour. Now she did not have many, she was a tightwad. So I got into a lot of trouble- well?

From then on I separated stuff. Back then it was at the laundrette, we usually went together. North Adelaide laundrette patrons may have stared if only I did it all,  wouldn't you?

As I mentioned. The bras. A smaller collection could not be possible? I cannot go into this too much as my sample group is small, so unless you tell me, is less than handful in the drawer normal?

As she had such a small number of the dang things. She would wear them and wear them. I could tell when they were worn out a lot when there would be a frown and a surreptitious reach under the arm, then a look of relief. The support wire that had escaped was slipped back into position.  Or the beautiful bounce was a bit more bouncy than usual as she raced around, late to something.

When the kids came along, I had to insist that I was not going to be in the way of increasing the clothing item options, please, pamper yourself I would insist. So in the end, I think she may have had a few more, not counting the nursing bras.

When I do the washing now, its most usually only on the weekends, a Saturday. Friday night is the laundry call out.

If all the weeks washing- school uniforms, Volleys, backyard and best clothes are not in the wash Friday night, there is a very early wake up reminder to get your stuff in the washing basket quick-time. And the beautiful sleep-in naturally expected is really rudely interrupted, HAHAHA.

So I start the washing day (yes, it takes all day) as soon as I arise, prior to breakfast if possible. Which sometimes is midday... Anyway, besides the point how much I like to sleep in.

First, is the weather going to be considerate, and then what was washed last, the last time? The blacks or whites? This is to make sure that any lint that may be left over from the last wash does not clash. Its such a fuss to get the kids to brush their own clothes free of lint- so let's get it right dad!

Then off for brekky or brunch, or lunch... And then remember to pull the crap out and hang it all out when the spin dry finishes- pretty important on a Sunday!

I pull the larger items out first, a pre-sort for the hanging out. All get a shake (as per old instructions from Tarn), which drops all the small stuff back in the bowl. And then all the small stuff piled on top, and march out with a large basket of wet clothes, or sheeting/towels.

First on the hoist is the socks, jocks, undies, the small stuff, with no sorting or preference- 1 peg each. In the end will have 5m of just the smalls around the inner line by the end of the washing cycle! Five people, seven days- should be 35 pairs of socks and jocks each! Nearly. You would think so, but lately, people seem to be stretching things out...

Then the rest of the clothes, towels, dishcloths, bedding. This line is 8m long, and then the next line is filled up which is about 10m long. The outer line is about 12m long, and if that gets full, there is the 10m line under the veranda.

Like I said, once a week washing can be a big day.

Then there is the sorting and putting away. Here I ask that the laundry is brought in if I am making up dinner. That can be a mistake- pegs are cheap but jerking stuff clothes off the line just catapults the pegs all over the yard and garden. The mower gets a terrible time later.

Sorting- basket upended over the lounge floor, and the kids reluctantly sort it all out. I get left with folding up mine and the towels. If there is ironing... Well, maybe it gets done only if a special event is on.

Later on, I see that the clothes are bundled into the kids rooms, and maybe put away. Another big day.

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