Thursday, August 26, 2010


Wow. The girls have been away on a school camp since Monday.

The house has been so quiet. It's not that I am missing them, just at the moment I am a bit sad that their big brother may be out of the house within a relatively short time, to start his new life. Then I will be a target of three, not four, 'Gimme your money Please'. Or will I still have four?

I am going to vacuum their room. As usual, it needs a skip to clear it.
No matter the relentless Please Tidy Up, there lies a rub. They must be deaf.
Well, not a skip, just a tidy up. I filled a bin once with the crap hidden everywhere around their room.
It was pitiful, my back ached for ages, my lips were like string.

After they started off on Monday, I spent ten minutes tidying up a pile of old hand me downs, or too small now, and a bunch of hardly worn out footwear. A huge pile of formerly expensive stuff, not worth a penny. Off to the opportunity shop with it. And somehow, they were not happy to get it. Like dhito rolls down hill. What? I know some of it was really good, years ago.

That was days ago. Tomorrow night they return. Will they be tired, happy to be home? The boys have done the same school trip years ago, I should remember, but I do not. Is that a bad parent? I know people that remember everything.

Do I run on automatic all the time? Or fit so much in I cannot remember everything because it is all important? My sister says I try to too hard to do too much all at the same time. Me?  I see that, but it will not change anything. Women cannot have it all! I can do more than one thing at a time.... See, moved off target again.

At least the kids will remind me.
As usual.

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