Thursday, June 14, 2012

tingle in my left leg

Tingle in my left leg back after absent almost a year

Cold and Twinge, another diary entry on symptoms

As I sit at my desk at lunchtime, I noticed that the symptom of a cold damp feeling is back on the skin of my thighs.  Was not like that yesterday as much. It is winter, yes, but not that dang cold in the house. Check my weather station!

And then, to see what else may be going on... I nodded my head and there was a tingle in my left leg! Again, like last year. As I test it now, that feeling is not there. The cold is, like a mentholated cold rub.

This time the tingle was just below the knee, the left side, on the outside, next to the calf muscle. In the skin more or less. Like when you have feeling coming back after a dental intervention with your mouth an lips, or recovering from a pins-and-needles session, just that twinge in the leg. Not like knocking your elbow's funny bone type feeling.

Great. But would you guess what is really weird?

Earlier today I got a call at 8.30am, from the transportable* MRI people, to book a session for the what may become an annual event, "Scan Tony's Head for more MS scars". With the last scan, it could be seen there are only a few peas sized blebs inside my skull, and a shading in the spinal cord in the neck.

Now how coincidental is that?

Booked for August, yay me.

*Where I live is about an hour from the nearest institution that has a MRI clinic, BUT the local hospital does have a visiting MRI that is transported about the region, which is so so convenient for us country folk, oh yeah.

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