Tuesday, June 5, 2012

In rememberance

It Has been five years since the Kerang Rail Disaster in Victoria.

This accident where a truck driver purportedly did not see the signals, nor the passenger train moving through the highway and rail intersection, colliding with it, killing several travellers on the way home. Sun, or truck noise? Who really knows.

One of the passengers killed in the accident was Tarnia's Aunt Ursie, a lovely person who used to call us out of the blue and fill Tarn in on the local gossip in Tarnia's old home town in the north of the state. The Mallee, a vast dry climate agricultural region of wheat, sheep and also grape and citrus. And hardy people.

After Tarn's death, I had my in-laws's with me,  and it was always good to say hello to her. Her brother, my father in-law, he would have a quick chat- phone calls cost money you see. But others like Bev, as Tarn did, liked the gossipy family calls, we were so far from them. I would fill her in too on the kids achievements and all.

She is missed by many people, especially her children.

To Ursula, a real nice ol' girl.

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