Monday, December 13, 2010

Good news...

Zacandander the Panda has finished thirteen years of, no fourteen, no fifteen years of  "educu-mackashun", that is, over half by public- and six of private-schooling.

Which, according to some people, means that there goes out the door, "one family home equivalent"...

He has been doing well, not fantastically fanatically frantically head down and bum up, but steadily.
Like. Plod on, McDuff.

He "knew" his abilities would not go further than what he could beat them up too, (sucker! pretty sure he could have stretched it out a bit more), but even I would not force it- I just wanted him to see the chequered flag, to sweep through, with deserved laurels resting on that shaggy head.

And,  Achieved more than he told me he was EXPECTING. Oh.

Dang sure his mum would have been even prouder than me. I sure am. Prouder than anyone.

But now what?

A month to know where to go.

Onward and Upward Zack. Onward and Upward.

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