Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cool cat back

As I expected, picking up a traveller does not mean that the timetable is followed.

Frazzlerdazzler messaged 'call me' or something- "Yeah?"

Delayed take off. Excellent.

Messaged back about ETA- didn't get sent... my bad.

Well, I did have two beers at dinner, thought that a small cocktail at 9.00pm would be okay, and settled back to listen to some music as the TV program was shot to hell, but the PVR had that under control, and I would  walk down to collect the prodigal son, three blocks.

Rain. And I lost a speaker (DIY). Oi Oi Oi!!! Rrghgrr!@*^!!!

Anyway, zoomed down in the wagon to pick #2 at about half twelve, waiting for the bus listening to a quiz program that I should have rung into- [some people are so dumb...].
But then , there are the REGULARS!
"Hi Tony blah de blah!?"
"Oh hello Joe Blow, ow r ya?"
Another parent was also listening to it, and we would chuckle at the same time at some points- funny that.

Point is, Nightlife has been around as long as my firstborn started kicking me through Tarns' tummy. And it's definitely interesting too. But if you are real quick, these days the resources of the WWW can make it or break it as far as getting through to the final question. Well, I think so! And you can have a think tank sitting round the phone too!

Frazzler alights from the bus and takes his time to see off the other guys and The Friend. He was a bit quiet on the way home. He gets back, and then the dam overflows, and bits and pieces escape. Amazing how quiet the house was without him. The photos below were first shown me via the wittle scween on the bak of the camera- AH- Na uh- lets put them on the Tv screen- Oh Yeah, Soooo much better.

So we finally got to bed by nearly 2am and I had to go to the polling booth at 7:30 to help out- Rrargf#$%!

I gathered that he had had a really good trip- no hassles, a skating graze for a souvenir (teens- they had to pick one skateboard up no matter the type along the way so not to be bored...), hit a skate bowl for lunch, got rained on, climbed a mountain, travelled on nearly everything but a train ... I am so glad I got him on it, but I think if his best friends were not on it, he may not have gone!

The new camera he got for his birthday was well used. Some great little pics of shops, birds, mountains and the Gang. Tassie (Tasmania). No real order, from north to south. By FKF 2010

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