Friday, November 12, 2010

A last performance Concert from #1 son

Friday 15 October
After a night of YA party'ing on I am doing the middle-aged thing of playing My Music to Myself, as loud as I think I can...and trying to put down thoughts.

Anyway, there were, after a concert, a few YA's at my place:

Young adults taking over the lounge because they (the muso's have finished their last Spring Concert)...
The Big Plan was to have a party with chiminea or a bonfire in the front yard for the muso's, with music, loud, mp3 type of thing (if younger brother allowed #1 to use his 'hifi'!!).
BUT- it was bludie COLD, so in the house it was decreed-------- after the fact....


Eldest may have have done his last performance as a brass player- euphonium.
I asked the kids- girls- do you want to come along too? YES (there is food). #2, nah, it's okay.

The Concert-

From a distance, I can see him playing.

As I lean against a wall to take a shot without a good enough flash,
He is there, cheeks tight, concentrating, playing great music.
I think he is enjoying it, or is he?
Eyes going again...
There are a lot of his mates in the program- God I hope he wants to be there..

And as always, overall,  the music at Spring concert is outstanding.

I realise that I forgot to to let his grandfather know- and I try to rationalize- would he really have liked it?
The last time he came, he said it was okay, I think.
Omg, another Marvin moment, but I think #1 is playing again later before the end of the year, I have to be on the ball for the next time!

It was a great night out. All the presentations were great. (The Rap to the teachers was recorded, Pat.)
#1 received an award too, for being there, for 6 years in the music band!

Once home at 11pm, the girls went straight to sleep, but #2 was observing... the YA at play...

I had a few (to get over none for a few days!), but before hand, #1 asked me to keep my intake down, just in case- OK(?), all right I said.

That was not needed.
I think they out did themselves in what they could not achieve up front. All asleep before 3am!
As I posted FB- anyway-
I am still here, they are out of it at the moment- but not because they did not have a good try!

I have bought some tobacco- and had a few cigs tonight with home-brew beer and bundy.
Sorry Louise, not weak, but want to see if I need it, with drinks doesn't help..

No, GF, and it's my life. and it ain't gowin' to plan anyway.

Besides all my shite, I saw a very mature YA tonight, or two even
I like his friends.
And #2 may be the same, after all the shite from him- he is adorable too.

Tears instantly but- the four of them are worth it.

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