Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cats away...part one

Missed my #2 this week.

Orf wif sum uvvers to c sum two heted wednecks ovah da wadah wear da old convicks use to be...

First time for a while that Frazzlerdazler has been out of this state. He had been to the capital for a junior school trip. This time it was like a movie- trains planes and automobiles, NOT- to go to Tasmania.

Omnibus, big ferry, coaches, planes, omnibuses, van.

What ever spending money loved ones gave him was nearly all gone before he went- IE pay pals back for the show last month, get the mobile phone credit, $30 for a meal on the ferry... blah de blah de blah, only "forty" buckaroonies left on the last few nights.

I think the exercise was not only an educational excursion, but also to bring back as much as he could from a visit to the chocolate factory included in the tour. The tour accomplished, the empty luggage a reality...

So while the Cool Dude was away, we had a quiet time. The grocery bill was halved. No grumpiness from the corner. A relatively calm yard where the grass could grow back around the dis-used quarter pipe, ramp and fire pit. Dust gathered on the veranda lounges.

I just have to pick the cat up at 11pm, so no drinkin' tonight Jack!

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